Dryer vent safety, something that is not usually “top of mind” unless you’re experiencing a current issue with your dryer. In order for your dryer to function safely and efficiently it must have a clean, unobstructed, and properly installed line from the vent hood cover on the outside, to the lint screen on the dryer. If there are any issues in the line such as clogged vent hood screen, birds nests, lint impaction, improper installation, or crushed duct line from the dryer to the wall, it will cause the system to not function properly.

When the dryer system doesn’t function properly it causes the dryer to work harder, work longer and use more gas or electricity to dry your clothes. If these symptoms persist you could burn out your heating element and in the worst case scenario, create a dryer vent fire. Every year thousands of dryer vent fires occur creating millions of dollars of damage. If a fire does occur the only thing between it and your home is thin piece of galvanized metal, which usually doesn’t stand a chance!

We at MJL Services chimney/dryer vent make the safety of you and your home our top priority. When you entrust MJL Services with cleaning you can rest assured that your line will be cleaned properly and will function that way that it is intended. We clean from the outside in and the inside out, the dryer is pulled from the wall and the lint screen area is cleaned as well. We ensure that everything is reconnected properly and test to make sure the system is venting properly. We will also inspect the vent hood cover and the duct from the dryer to the wall and make recommendations if needed. We don’t practice high pressure sales tactics MJL Services chimney/dryer vent. We also don’t have low teaser rates and tell you it will be significantly higher when we show up at your home due to the length of your duct. We have reasonable set rates so there will not be any surprise charges! Contact us today at 704-288-7316 for all of your dryer vent and chimney cleaning needs.