Chimney caps are an often overlooked piece for a properly functioning chimney. Maybe it’s due to history, chimneys were built, and never had caps installed for hundreds of years. You can drive through many neighborhoods still today,

where the chimney’s don’t have caps installed. Also, you don’t need to have a fireplace to have a chimney that needs to be capped. For decades homes were built with brick chimneys that are used to vent furnaces as well as hot water tanks.

Chimneys that do not have caps installed are subject to multiple issues. First is water penetration. Chimney flue tiles come in different shapes and sizes, round, square and rectangle. Take for instance one of the most popular sizes, 13″X13″ square. Have ever had or seen a rain gauge in someone’s, or your yard? Did you notice how small the opening on the rain gauge is? When you have a chimney without a cap, you essentially have a “13×13” rain gauge collecting water inside your flue tiles and smoke chamber. This water over time can cause deterioration to the tiles and the brick leading to costly future repairs.

Chimney caps also prevent critters from accessing your chimney. Squirrels and Racoons do a great job climbing trees, but if they happen to get curious and get into your chimney, there is a high probability that they won’t be able to get back out! This is due to the clay flue tiles, they are smooth and do not provide areas to grab onto and climb out. A cap will prevent injury or worse to these animals. The other issue this time of year is Chimney Swifts. Chimneys provide an ideal environment for them to build their nests and rear their young. Unfortunately once they build a nest, they can’t be tampered with. Chimney Swifts are protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Act.

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