Every year many of us start the New Year with may one or multiple “New Years” resolutions. We start motivated with every intention of fulfilling our newly minted resolutions, but as we know, many of us, myself included, let them fall by the wayside and forget about them shortly after they began.

Why not start 2019 with a resolution that you can accomplish quickly, painlessly, and save time and money “to boot.” Contact MJL Services chimney/dryer vent to have your dryer vent line cleaned today. Dryer vents are one of those maintenance items that is often overlooked because they can’t be seen. They are hidden behind the walls, in crawls spaces and in attics. Of the many calls I receive for dryer vent service, the time between when they had it serviced last is often, “I can’t remember,” or “never.”

A clean dryer vent line is important for the proper venting of moisture when drying your clothes. When lint and other materials start to build up, it causes the air in the line to slow and makes the drying process less efficient. It’s similar to why our doctors monitor our cholesterol levels to prevent buildup in our arteries. When plaque builds up, it prevents the proper flow of blood in our bodies. When the drying process becomes less efficient, it causes your dryer to work harder, longer, increases your utility bills, and again, most importantly, increases the risk for a fire. If a fire does start, the only thing between the fire and your home is a thin piece of galvanized metal.

So start off your new years resolution in 2019 and have your dryer vent serviced by MJL Services chimney and dryer vent. We will ensure that the line is properly cleaned. The duct from the dryer to the wall is in good condition and reconnected properly. We will also do a final check to ensure proper air flow. A proper service will bring you piece of mind, save you time and reduce your utility bills.

Happy New Year from MJL Services chimney/dryer vent!