Is your chimney protected from the elements? Your chimney, like the rest of your home, is exposed to the elements 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whether it is made of brick or it is a chase style “prefab chimneys,” they need maintenance from time to time. The type of maintenance and timing can depend on the materials used as well as the age of the structure.  Chimney Maintenance is important during all seasons to prevent water damage.  One might think that masonry chimneys made with bricks and mortar are impervious to the elements. While when built correctly they will last for many decades, they are not immune maintenance issues. One of the most common issues is a cracked chimney crown. The chimney crown is at the very top of the chimney that surrounds the last flue tile and covers the top of the chimney. The crown may be made of concrete or mortar and the thickness will vary depending on the masons that constructed the chimney. The crown is designed to wash water away from the center to the sides of the chimney. If the crown cracks over time it allows water to penetrate from the top. As water penetrates over time, it will start to deteriorate the brick and mortar from the inside leading to costly repairs.

Chase chimneys built around pre-fab fireplaces can also have their own issues. The main issue is with the chase top that covers the top of the chimney. The flue stack will usually go up through the center of the chase cap. Many builder’s use/d galvanized metal as chase tops. While galvanized metal is better against the elements, it will eventually rust, and leak.
At MJL Services chimney/dryer vent we have solutions to repair your masonry chimney crowns and chase caps. We use high quality products for masonry crowns that has a 15-year product warranty, and we use only stainless-steel (copper/aluminum also available) to replace chase caps (lifetime warranty). Contact MJL Services chimney/dryer vent today at 704-288-7316 for your chimney crown and chase cap needs.  Use MJL services for all your Chimney maintenance needs.