Chimney Maintenance

It’s in the 80’s and 90’s in North Carolina this time of year. Not exactly the time when our fireplaces and chimneys are top of mind unless you notice water or odor issues especially on damp rainy days. Although the weather may hot, this is the perfect time of the year to have your chimney serviced. Why wait for the rush in the fall when appointments are difficult to come by? It’s also nice to have the “peace of mind” that you are ready to go when the chilled night air arrives.

If you’ve noticed an odor on damp days it maybe due to soot or creosote buildup in your chimney, poorly performing damper or some other issue. While a thorough cleaning will not eliminate all odors, it will significantly reduce them and prevent the buildup of dangerous creosote, which could result in a chimney fire. If you do have creosote buildup, products such as “Chimney Products-CreAway” can be applied, which will help dissolve deposits when heat is applied from a fire. This will reduce the chance of fire and reduce odors from the creosote deposits.

Another important part of chimney maintenance is to ensure you have a properly functioning chimney cap, which will prevent water from mixing with deposits inside the chimney and prevent birds and animals from gaining access. Years of water penetration will deteriorate the flue tiles leading to expensive repairs. A little bit of preventative maintenance will help reduce future costs.
If you have a “prefabricated” fireplace/chimney, which means it was manufactured and installed as a unit. These are usually installed inside a “chimney chase”, with stainless steel pipe venting the combustion materials. The chase is usually hollow except for the chimney pipe and supports and is covered at the top with a “chase top” to prevent water penetration. At the time of construction, these were most likely constructed utilizing galvanized metal. Galvanized metal is rust resistant, but over time will eventually rust and pit allowing water to leak into the chase. If you see rust stains at the top of the chimney, it’s time to haver it inspected. If it’s deteriorated enough to need replacement, a new stainless-steel cap should be installed. Stainless-steel is warrantied for a lifetime and will give you “peace of mind” that you won’t have to pay to repair it again.

Yes, it’s hot and burn season seems far off. MJL Services is here to handle your maintenance needs and is offering summer deals for services!