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Chimney Maintenance


Chimney Maintenance It’s in the 80’s and 90’s in North Carolina this time of year. Not exactly the time when our fireplaces and chimneys are top of mind unless you notice water or odor issues especially on damp rainy days. Although the weather may hot, this is the perfect time of the year to have [...]

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Leaking Chimneys


Leaking Chimneys Summer is the time of the year when I receive the most calls for a leaking chimney. This is most likely due to the higher humidity levels and weather patterns that are conducive to heaver, and longer periods of rain. In some instances, it is obvious that there is a leak. You can [...]

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Got birds in your chimney?


The last installment I posted was concerning the European or Common Starling and the problems associated with this bird species. This segment we are going to discuss a lesser known species that comes with its own issues, challenges and protections, the “Chimney Swift.” The Chimney Swift is a small bird that hunts insects “on the [...]

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Chimney Maintenance


Chimney maintenance in May? Wait, it’s sunny, warm and having a fire in my fireplace or wood stove is the last thing on my mind. Planting flowers, cutting grass, pressure washing the house etc., are on the priority list during this time of the year! Although there are plenty of new priorities around the house, [...]

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Dryer Vent Safety


Dryer Vent Safety It’s that time of the year when we all start thinking about “Spring Cleaning!” We get the list out, rugs-check, windows-check, siding-check, and the list goes on. We spend hours preparing and planning, not to mention dollars to get our homes in ‘tip top” shape for the spring and summer. We [...]

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