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Chimney safety – Creosote Build Up


Creosote Build Up in Chimneys Steaming hot in North Carolina this time of year! Thoughts of cold nights and warm fires are as far off in our minds as is tax day in 2020. Before we know it though, the weather and leaves will turn, the first cold night will arrive and you will begin [...]

Chimney safety – Creosote Build Up2019-07-31T15:30:14+00:00

Dryer Vent Safety


Dryer vent safety, something that is not usually "top of mind" unless you're experiencing a current issue with your dryer. In order for your dryer to function safely and efficiently it must have a clean, unobstructed, and properly installed line from the vent hood cover on the outside, to the lint screen on the dryer. [...]

Dryer Vent Safety2019-07-23T14:41:02+00:00

Chimney Swifts 2019


It's that time of year again. Earlier in the week I had received several calls from potential customers looking to have a chimney cap installed. I asked a few questions to determine the type and style of cap they were interested in,  and I also inquired to see if they noticed any sounds coming from [...]

Chimney Swifts 20192019-06-25T15:20:31+00:00

Got Birds 2019?


I had a dryer vent cleaning on the schedule recently. The owner stated that they just purchased a new dryer, and it was not working properly. When I arrived at the location, I determined that the vent was out the side of the house, and was about two and half stories high. There was evidence [...]

Got Birds 2019?2019-06-05T18:15:21+00:00

Chimney Caps


Chimney caps are an often overlooked piece for a properly functioning chimney. Maybe it's due to history, chimneys were built, and never had caps installed for hundreds of years. You can drive through many neighborhoods still today, where the chimney's don't have caps installed. Also, you don't need to have a fireplace to [...]

Chimney Caps2019-05-10T13:05:30+00:00

Spring Cleaning


The days are starting to get longer and the temperatures are starting to rise. It's also the time of the year that we start to wind down the use of our fireplaces and wood burning appliances due to the warmer temperatures. Many shut them down and don't think about them till the chill hits the [...]

Spring Cleaning2019-03-20T15:18:15+00:00

New Years Resolution


Every year many of us start the New Year with may one or multiple "New Years" resolutions. We start motivated with every intention of fulfilling our newly minted resolutions, but as we know, many of us, myself included, let them fall by the wayside and forget about them shortly after they began. Why not start [...]

New Years Resolution2019-01-04T19:04:41+00:00

Chimney maintenance


Is your chimney protected from the elements? Your chimney, like the rest of your home, is exposed to the elements 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whether it is made of brick or it is a chase style “prefab chimneys,” they need maintenance from time to time. The type of maintenance and timing [...]

Chimney maintenance2018-11-13T14:32:21+00:00

Lock Top Dampers


Lock Top Dampers The chill in the air has started & Lock Top Dampers may be your solution. While that may be great as you enjoy the outdoors, you want to be "snug as a bug" while in your home. Have you noticed cold drafts by your fireplace even on non-windy days? Having trouble keeping [...]

Lock Top Dampers2018-10-26T13:00:53+00:00

Is your chimney ready for fall?


Does your chimney have a cap to prevent rain, birds and other critters from getting inside your chimney? Is your chimney ready for fall? Haven't had it swept in years? Do you have cracks in the crown that may cause water penetration? Does your chimney have a cap to prevent rain, birds and other critters [...]

Is your chimney ready for fall?2018-10-05T19:12:29+00:00